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2 min readSep 13, 2021


Originally written January 8th, 2018

Our brains have a “negativity bias”.

It’s a psychological concept which explains that our minds are more sensitive and influenced by negative stimuli over positive stimuli. Doctors discovered this when they studied the brain’s cerebral cortex. They noticed much more brain activity occurs when someone is exposed to negative stimuli compared to positive stimuli. It’s the reason why negative news sticks with us longer than positive news. “Our minds are velcro for bad experiences; they are tephlon for good experiences.”

Psychologist Ronald D. Siegel suggests this is related to evolution. He explains our brains are not designed to make us happy but are designed to make us survive. Our brain is designed to look for what’s wrong in a situation to avoid any current or future pain. But the problem with this is our brains don’t benefit from this like our ancient ancestors did. They needed it in the time and environment they lived in. So now our brains finds the littlest of things to be negative about (e.g. being unable to find car keys, being late for work, being too early for work, not having Wi-Fi, having too slow of Wi-Fi, what is lacking, etc).

But there are there ways to lessen these brain’s tendencies. Different cultures have produced various methods over centuries. The most common include meditation, mindfulness, positive thinking, psychotherapy, affirmations, gratitude, religious faith/rituals, etc.

I actively find ways to rewire my brain. The results I’ve received from doing so includes having a greater and deeper appreciation for my life. I see a whole new perspective on life and what it has to offer. What happens to some people with negativity is that they let it consume them. It also did for me in the past.

So it’s why I’ve made it a part of my life’s purpose to show you, my readers, and others that there’s always ways we can work and improve ourselves. In doing so, it will free us from unnecessary feelings of suffering. It’s always worth it because YOU are worth it.

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