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5 min readJul 3, 2019


I’m very grateful when people tell me how much my content resonates with them: how it makes them think, how it inspires them, and how it gives them hope. ❤️

It’s one of the reasons why I do it: it’s for ALL of you, anyone who wants to see it! 👥

If you are able to find value out of what I share, that is one of my hopes. I hope every post, serious or silly, you can take something from it. 👣

I hope you are able to sit with the ideas I share long after seeing the posts, allowing them to simmer in your mind. 💺

I hope someone, somewhere, can see one of my posts and is able to say to themselves: “I needed to see this today.” 🗣️

And that is just one of the many reasons why I do it. Another reason, I must confess, is 100% selfish! Yes, you heard me right: SELFISH! Me, me, me! 😅

I make posts because I enjoy creating them and seeing the finished product. I write posts because I enjoy reading them back. I record silly videos because I enjoy laughing at myself on replay. If someone else enjoys my content, I’m glad they do. But even if they don’t, I’m happy with my creation regardless! ❤️

The satisfaction I feel from making and finishing it is where my feelings of self-worth come from. 👍

Creating content has become a hobby where the more I’ve continued to do it, the more I find myself losing track of time, the more I continue swimming in Oceans of Ideas, and the more I continue writing run-on sentences (😉).

It is in these times my mind locks onto a singular focus as ideas float around the edges. Like a puzzle, I take each idea and see if it fits into what I wish to communicate through my content. 🧩 Now, saying all this probably sounds pretentious, but it’s the best way I can describe my creative process. 😅

But there’s even ANOTHER reason why I post content! I have many legs holding up my Table of Content! 🦵

I also post content because of a bigger concern I see, one which is not just part of the social media fabric but our society as a whole. And in the spirit of the Entrepreneur archetype, I’ve spotted a problem and seek to provide solutions!

What am I’m referring to?

📌 The excess of blame but a lack of understanding.

📌 The excess of style but a lack of substance.

📌 The excess of simplicity but a lack of complexity.

To clarify, I’m not saying any of these are inherently bad. What I’m saying is when any of these are in excess, they definitely are detrimental. 👍

Perhaps you’d say these problems are way too broad for a single person like myself to take on. In fact, I agree with you. I’d love to eventually see this mission turn into a more collective effort. 🌎

But someone has to take the first step, and I’ve taken it upon myself to do that, to be a part of the change I wish to see. 👤

🗣️ “Why does it matter to you, Donald?!” 🗣️

Because I see how we as humans are inclined to blame, label, and oversimplify things. I see how we can follow and listen to someone based on their physical beauty rather than on their character. 😔

And this goes for me too! I’m not immune to these inclinations either! It’s why I always keep working on them! 💯

It’s why it’s so easy for us to generalize people than to seek to understand then; it’s in our psychology. Our survival brains are hard-wired this way. 🧠 And unfortunately, we can easily see the worst of these primal instincts manifest on social media. 💻

I can’t tell you the many times I’ve wanted to share something on my profile which surprised me, shocked me, and downright frustrated me. I used to do so! But it’s taken a lot of self-discipline and restraint to consider every post I share. 👍

So, for any of us to see things in a different way will require us to do one crucial thing! 😲

Do you know what that is? I want you think about that before you read the next paragraph. 🤔 What would you need to do in order for yourself to think twice before blaming and generalizing? I’ll give you a hint: I just gave you the answer. 😉

🧠 It requires one to think! 🧠

💡 It requires us to think twice before allowing our primal instincts to control our reactions.

💡 It requires us to take a step back and assess stressful situations before choosing our response.

💡 It requires us to think twice about our behavior and see if it’s something that is serving us or not.

Alan Jacobs wrote in his fantastic book “How to Think”:

“Relatively few people want to think. Thinking troubles us; thinking tires us. Thinking can force us out of familiar, comforting habits; thinking can complicate our lives; thinking can set us at odds, or at least complicate our relationships. Who needs thinking?” 🤷♂️

It’s part of the reason why my posts are lengthy. As I discussed in my previous post (http://bit.ly/2KU8F6X), the more I’ve continued to educate myself, the more I see a complex world, one which in the next couple of decades I see is going to become even more complex! 👍

So I create content for these very reasons:

🙌 Because I want to introduce you to a deeper world.

🙌 Because I want to show you how thinking doesn’t have to be at all “boring”.

🙌 Because I want to exemplify how a life filled with purpose and meaning is a life worth living.

You may notice a pattern between all these: you can’t get any of these by focusing on the Surface Level of Life. ⛏️

So yes, continue to expect posts which will challenge and make you think. I’ll also fit in a silly video once in a while for balance! 😂 But I’m still on an Learning Journey myself, so join me for the ride if you’d like! 🗺️

I mean, I definitely could just be That Guy who posts a modeling photo with a basic motivational quote as the caption. But I choose not to. There’s enough of those people already online, and I’m not here to be just some pretty face! 😈

If I do share a photo (like the one for this post), you can bet there’s going to be more than just a quote in the captions! 😉

Stay tuned for more posts, and if there’s any topics you’d like to see me talk or discuss about I’d love to hear your feedback! Much love! ❤️

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