Why ONLY Take What’s Useful!

Don's Golden Nuggets
2 min readJan 11, 2022

I am not perfect. Nobody is perfect. 🙌

I make mistakes. Everybody makes mistakes. 🙌

I am human. We are all human. 🙌

To clarify, this is not to say I’m here to make excuses for anyone’s bad behavior. It’s simply to acknowledge the fallibility within all of us, including myself. 👥

If I were ever to pretend like I have all the answers, I’d only be lying to you. I don’t, and I never will. 💯

This goes for anyone on social media too. Some social media influencers love to give off an impression of perfection. It’s certainly good for their brand to do so. 👍

But I can assure you, even knowing some of them personally, they’ve got their very own set of problems they never disclose online. 💬

And me too! 😝

🗣️ “So what are you saying, Donald?! That nothing you or anyone else says matters?!” 🗣️

Oh no, don’t get me wrong! My point is that whatever I say, or whatever anyone else says online, I’m encouraging you to always take it with a grain of salt. 🧂

📌 I make posts so I can share what’s personally helped me in my life.

📌 I make posts because I believe we need more wisdom shared online and less superficiality.

📌 I make posts so I can hopefully inspire others to pursue their own paths of personal development.

But that doesn’t mean I can never be wrong. 🙂

So please, take whatever you find useful here and discard whatever is not. 🗑️

Create your own path! ❤️

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