Why You Need To OWN Beliefs!

Don's Golden Nuggets
2 min readJan 12, 2023


Why is it so hard for us to change what we believe? 🤔

Because beliefs provide us with so many things! 🙌

They provide us certainty to an uncertain world. They provide us connections to people who share the same beliefs. And they provide us a sense of identity, helping us define who we are as an individual. 👤

This is why when someone says what we believe is “wrong”, it not only feels like our beliefs are challenged, it feels like our ENTIRE IDENTITY is challenged! 😨

A temporary thought in the mind that what you believe may be on a shaky foundation sparks your ego to revolt: “This person is a threat!” 😡

It’s is why some people will (literally) fight to the death for their beliefs, regardless if they’re right or wrong. Rather than take a step back and not let their ego control the situation, their ego takes over and doubles down. 🤬

And for a moment in time, their ego helps them get back to feeling certainty…but in very destructive ways. 👊💥

My point is: we need to possess our beliefs so they don’t ever possess us! ⚠️

It’s one thing to have beliefs, and I have them too. But it’s another when we don’t develop the humility needed for what we don’t know to work alongside the beliefs. 👥

Beliefs are great servants but poor masters. ♥️

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